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07.09.03  Overtime - Ice volunteered to work today. One of the jobs (same company but not run by him) was in desperate need of help so Ice figured what the hell. He'd be helping out a co-worker and making good money at the... (tags: )

10.09.03  The silence is almost deafening - For the first time in almost twelve years, I'm home by myself, all day, every day during the week. Although really, it's the first time ever, since I worked right up until L was born. I can go where I... (tags: )

12.09.03  Dates and things - Just a list of dates and events so I don't forget what we were doing on all those days that I didn't post. *** Aug. 26 - Ice's niece was here for the afternoon and evening. Aug. 28 - Ice's... (tags: )

12.09.03  Johnny and John - From CNN: Johnny Cash -- legend, model, icon -- died Friday. He was 71.Cash died of complications from diabetes at Baptist Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, hospital spokeswoman Nicole Bates said. He had just been released Tuesday after entering the hospital... (tags: )

15.09.03  Free, free, set them free - After reading one and a half Stephen King books, one Dean Koontz, and one John Sandford, I was in the mood for something in the trashy romance genre. But Bel Air by Katherine Stone just isn't cutting it. Her writing... (tags: )

17.09.03  Do me a favour - Read the article at Slashdot or the one at The Register. Then read the petition to ICANN and, if you agree, sign it. What Verisign is doing is wrong in more ways than I can count.... (tags: )

18.09.03  Verisign again / FYI: Synaptic - From CNET News.com: [VeriSign spokesman Brian] O'Shaughnessy said the service has been embraced by end users. "We've seen nothing but very positive results from the Internet community," he said. "Usage is extraordinary. Both individual users and enterprises are giving very... (tags: )

20.09.03  Buying major appliances makes me giddy - Ice got his bonus for the school job a couple of weeks ago. I was in favour of hanging on to it, and maybe going a bit crazy at Christmas, but Ice pointed out that we really need a new... (tags: )

27.09.03  Second opinions - *cough* *sneeze* *sniffle* I hate being sick. But that's not what this post is about. At lunchtime on Tuesday, I got a call from the school. The secretary said that J had been stung by a bee, that his hand... (tags: )