Well, that was fun.

Yesterday, it was hot so I planned dinner with that in mind. I thought I'd make some things that Ice would really enjoy, things we hadn't had in a while, that wouldn't heat up the house too much to prepare. So J and I jumped in the van and went to the grocery store.

On the way home, I had the radio turned up and we were enjoying the music, singing along, when suddenly the station went off the air. I thought, “that's really odd.”

Got home, brought the stuff in the house, opened the fridge to put it away, and the light didn't come on. I thought, “oh no. don't tell me the fridge died.”

Then J yelled from the other room. “Mom! The [ceiling] fan's not working!” I looked around, realized that the clocks on the stove and microwave were off, and that I couldn't hear the computers. I thought, “damn town. perfectly fine day and the power goes off. figures. if somebody breathes the wrong way the power goes off.”

I went ahead and started getting things ready for dinner. I figured by the time I was done, the power would be back on and I'd be able to use the stove. Then Ice called.

“Do you have power?”
“No. Do you?” (thinking, why is he asking me this?)
“No. And neither does Toronto or Ottawa or New York or Detroit or...”

He turned up the radio in the van so I could hear the latest update (he was stuck in traffic). Someone had just called in to say they'd seen a big cloud of smoke at the Bruce nuclear power plant. At least, they thought that's where it was coming from.

I got chills listening to it.

I picked up some bags of ice at the store, then J and I hung out at a neighbour's house for a while. Came back here just before Ice got home, we had a makeshift dinner (not quite what I'd planned but it was good), had a beverage or three, sat on the deck because it was brighter outside than in, then decided to go bug the neighbours again.

We sat around the pool, played cribbage by candlelight, had some snacks and some more beverages, laughed and talked and actually had a really good time.

Came home around midnight and, since there was nothing else to do, went to bed. I didn't sleep worth a damn though. The pup was really restless, I was worried that Ice wouldn't hear the alarm on his watch, I was hot and then cold because the waterbed had really cooled down, and I just couldn't sleep.

The power came back on about 2:15am. I got up with Ice at 6am and watched the news for a bit, then went back to bed. When I got up at 9am, the power was off again. I called my Mom to see how they were getting along since the girls are staying with them for a few days. She said their power was back on by about 8pm so they were doing just fine.

The power came back on here at 10am and it's been on ever since. (she says, crossing her fingers/eyes/legs) So the inconvenience for us wasn't huge, apart from all the food we had to throw out, and spending some time with the neighbours was fun. Still, I find these statistics from CNN quite disturbing: In three minutes, 21 power plants shut down, including 10 nuclear plants and 9,300 square miles in the U.S. and Canada were without power.

Posted by Ripley on August 15, 2003

And then you said

Wow you are lucky. We were out almost the whole 24 hours. The sleeping at night was hard without the fans. I got alot of reading done. They still have us on 'save all the power you can' so I can't/won't even have the pc on until night time. I waste alot anyway (remebering all the time I am at the computer AND watching TV or a DVD).

Still everytime I look at all those people dying in France I stop whining. Now there is a reality check is it not?

Posted by af42 on August 18, 2003 12:23 AM

It sure is.

For me, the inconvenience was no big deal. I'm still shocked by the size of the outage though.

Posted by Ripley on August 19, 2003 12:58 AM

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