No foolin' around though.

Saturday night, we took the kids to the drive-in for the first time. We didn't say where we were going, just told them to grab some pillows and blankets and get in the van. They made lots of wild guesses about our destination but none of them were even close. When we pulled over to get in line and they spotted the screen, it took a couple of minutes for them to figure out what it was.

“What's that??”
“Starlite? What does Starlite mean?”

And then something clicked.

“It's a drive-thru!!!”
“It's not a drive-thru. McDonald's has a drive-thru.”
“It's a drive-thru movie!!!!!”
“No, it's a drive-in.”

Then came a million questions. They were so excited, they could barely contain themselves. After we parked, Ice and L went to get popcorn. J kept talking a mile-a-minute but K was very quiet. I turned around and asked her if she was ok.

“Yes but my heart is beating sooooo fast!”

Even if the movies had sucked, that excitement was worth the trip.

The movies — Finding Nemo and Pirates of the Caribbean — didn't suck though. K and J only lasted until about halfway through the second feature but L made it through both. All three of them slept in much later than usual on Sunday morning.

So it was a good night. $21.00 for 5 of us to watch 2 movies and 25¢ refills on the popcorn and pop.

When I was a kid (and right through until I got married), we went to the drive-in all the time. I really don't understand what happened, why so many of them have been torn down. There's something very very cool about watching a movie under an open sky. I love it and I think my kids do too now.

Posted by Ripley on August 18, 2003

And then you said

how fun! All the drive-ins over here have been either torn down or turned into swap-meets. Right at the end, they were showing movies that had been out the prior year. Good to hear you got some good recent films to see.

Posted by lomara on August 23, 2003 1:53 AM

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