Ice's birthday.

Even though it was Ice's birthday, we did our bit to support the Canadian beef industry and had McDonalds for dinner. I even convinced the kids to have burgers, instead of the usual chicken.

We went for a walk after dinner and discovered that the main street had been turned into a drag strip. At first, we thought it was an impromptu thing, just one or two guys being silly. Then we noticed the people with lawn chairs and the guy spraying water on the street.

There's a classic car show in the area this weekend so a group of people were giving the participants a chance to show off on their way through town.

I suggested to Ice that we hang around and watch until the cops showed up to put a stop to it. So we sat on the step in front of Kelly's and watched car after car (and some trucks and even a motorcycle) light it up. It was interesting, most of the cars were really nice, and the kids thought it was cool. We couldn't talk Roland into participating though.

And the cops never did show up.

In other news

Last night's storm was pretty spectacular.

Watershed Four has been cancelled. Sorry, postponed.

I watched Wil Wheaton on The Screen Savers. He's looking pretty good these days. He's funny too, in a geeky sorta way.

Posted by Ripley on August 22, 2003