How to kill time and spend more money than you expected.

Ice and I were invited to the wedding of one of his co-workers today. The guy he's been sharing a motel room with for the last six or seven months or, as I like to call him, the guy my husband sleeps with.

First thing in the morning, Ice took Tucker to a semi-local kennel for an overnight stay. Mom and Dad stopped in not long after to drop off a computer chair and to pick up the kids (also for an overnight stay). Half an hour later than we'd intended, Ice and I headed up north, arriving at the church two minutes late, just as the bridesmaids were starting down the aisle. Fortunately, we were able to sneak in a side door and get a seat without disturbing anyone.

The wedding was nice but I spent a lot of time looking around the church itself. I swear it was the most elaborate Catholic church I've ever been in and I didn't expect that in such a small town. I also spent some time flipping through the Catholic Book of Worship and was quite interested to note that it includes ‘O Canada’ and a song by Anne Murray. Who knew?

So the wedding was at 2pm, it was over by 3pm, and since we were only invited to the reception, not the meal, we had 5.5 hours to kill. What do you do in a small town with that much free time? Go to a slightly larger small town (the one with the most (in)famous water tower in the country) and then, when that doesn't look too promising, go to the next town over, of course.

We needed a card to go with the wedding present so we went shopping. Bought the card, an older copy of UNIX Unleashed for me, a PS2 game for him (no geeks in this house, noooo), and watches for both of us. There's a reason we don't go shopping together much. It gets expensive.

There were still 3.5 hours to go so we stopped at a nifty little ice cream parlour (dessert first!), then went for dinner at a restaurant recommended by a bored sales clerk. The food was good, the prices were better, the portions were large, and best of all, they served Rickard's Red. Except for the excessively cheerful waitress, it was a great meal.

We were down to 1.75 hours after dinner. What to do? Several times, while we were driving around town, we passed the local movie theatre. They were showing a movie we both wanted to see so we figured what the hell, let's do it. It was kind of odd to go there with Ice in a suit and tie and me in a dress and heels but we both enjoyed the movie. The theatre was nearly empty for the 7pm showing so we were able to sit right in the middle and we were both impressed with how much space there was between the rows. Gotta love those old-fashioned theatres.

We made it to the reception by 9:30pm and met up with another of Ice's co-workers and his wife. Really nice people but I learned that, sometimes, asking a simple question like “Does your sister still work there?”, while on a smoke break, can lead to the sharing of waaay too much information. I'm pretty sure I learned almost all of this woman's life history.

Home by 1:30am-ish. It was a long day but a good one.

Posted by Ripley on August 09, 2003

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