Camping/rain report.

We made it home from camping in one piece.

Monday, it rained briefly when we arrived but we got everything set up and organized in record time.

Tuesday, Ice and the kids had just returned from swimming when the skies opened up. It rained from about 4pm straight through till the next morning. The kids handled it well but it helped a lot that we let them invite a girl over that they'd met in the park earlier that day. She stayed for dinner and I think that her being there kept them all too busy to fight. Ice and I played cribbage and had a beverage or three. We didn't fight either.

The pup was remarkably well-behaved for the entire trip but particularly during the ‘rainout’. He had to spend a considerable amount of time in his kennel and he didn't complain as much I expected. We took him out for brief forays (aka pee breaks) and he handled the whole thing really well.

Wednesday, the rain stopped. We had to drive back this way in the morning to take the pup to the vet for an additional vaccination so we stopped off here so I could have my shower. Yeah, I know. I'm a wimp. My parents came over for dinner that night and Mom and I got a bit giddy drinking Caesars.

Of course, Thursday was the nicest day of all. We packed up, went to Mom and Dad's, Ice and L went golfing, then the kids went swimming while Ice and I shot some pool. We stayed for supper and then dragged three very tired children home.

We had a good time but I was very happy to be home, away from the bugs and the dirt and the campfire smoke, and back in my much more comfortable bed.

Posted by Ripley on August 08, 2003

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