You can leave your hat on.

Ice's boss gave us tickets to see Joe Cocker tonight at the John Labatt Centre. I'm not a huge fan, although I do like his voice, but I'm almost always game for a free concert. So we called up the kids' favourite (non-related) babysitter and went.

We had dinner at Rockwaters first. The food was great as always and it was really nice to have some time with no kids and no puppy. Every time I'm at that restaurant though, I wish I could say to the waiter, “Would you please call our driver and have him bring the car around?”

After dinner, we went to the JLC and found our seats. They were in a great location but the seats themselves were too hard and there wasn't nearly enough leg and arm room. It's too bad they didn't take some lessons from the ACC when they built that place.

coverThe opening act was Canadian blues/rock musician, Sue Foley. She did a great set. Lots of energy, good music, and a drummer with enthusiasm to spare. When she was done, we went out and bought her latest CD and I had her autograph it.

coverThen it was Joe's turn. Ok, the guy's getting old and he looks it, and his voice isn't what it used to be... but you would never have known that from the women in the crowd. They were insane! Or, as Ice put it, “all lathered up”. I expected to see panties flying onto the stage at any moment. The show was good and he sang all (or almost all) of his greatest hits, including my favourite (see the title. love that song). He did one encore, just to drive the old women into a final frenzy, and then it was all over.

We had a good time. I would never have paid $69.50 each(!!) for the tickets but I'm glad we went. It was fun.

Posted by Ripley on July 27, 2003

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