...Mom and Dad picked up me and the kids this morning.
...left the puppy home alone for the first time.
...went to Pizza Hut for lunch.
...went to my aunt's place.
...renewed her virus scanner subscription and updated the definitions (they were only 440 days out of date).
...solved her problem with an email that (she thought) she was receiving multiple copies of (it was only one copy but it exceeded the file size set in her preferences).
...came home.
...the pup had strewn a grocery store flyer all around the kitchen and spilled a bit of water but otherwise he managed quite well on his own.
...sat on the front porch with my parents for an hour or so.
...after they left, we took the pup for his longest walk yet. didn't tire him out as much as I'd hoped.


...had a minor meltdown.
...couldn't figure out why.
...realized I hadn't eaten anything substantial in 48 hours (ohhh look! Ice's head just exploded!). It wasn't intentional, it just kinda happened.
...ate something.
...felt much better.
...considered putting ‘Eat!’ on my To Do list.

Posted by Ripley on July 24, 2003

And then you said

yes I did have to clean up. It is a good thing that there was no connection 'till now

Posted by ice on August 2, 2003 5:56 AM

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