There's no connection.

It's freezing outside.


I scored 46% on the Gay-O-Meter. Apparently, I am “a happy and well adjusted hetero babe!”

Link via Zoe

Posted by Ripley on July 28, 2003

And then you said

Well will you look at that:

"Newt is 63% gay!
Careful! You're not a dyke cliche yet, but are well on your way. Bet the guys at work are your mates!"

Posted by Newt on July 29, 2003 11:36 AM

And the bald one's results:

"Ice is 23% gay!
Loosen up my straight mate. These days women like a man with some softer edges to grab onto."

Depends who you ask, I guess.

Posted by Ripley on July 29, 2003 7:29 PM

i'm scared to take that test.

and freezing in july? where are you? san fran?

Posted by the mighty jimbo on July 31, 2003 3:42 PM

Not everyone lives in California. ;)

Posted by Ripley on August 1, 2003 3:17 AM

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