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Day 6.

- got up mid-afternoon

A little earlier than that.

- played games

Newt and I (and later, MA) did Canada Day quizzes. I guess that qualifies.

- drank beers

Didn't drink much in the afternoon because I knew I was going to have to drive the ‘bus’ to the fireworks later.

- went to fireworks

The fireworks were even better this year than last. There was even live entertainment before they started.

- drank more beers

And vodka shots. Lots and lots of really good vodka** shots. Nice driveway!

- played more games

We mostly talked about all kinds of things, including politics.

- got depressed over prospect of leaving

Tried not to think about it too much but, yeah.

Things that weren't predicted:

MA spent most of the day visiting her parents. We missed her.

Newt and I had to make an unplanned trip to take J to visit his Oma.

**I was going to link to the site for this particular vodka but, once I clicked on the ‘are you over 21’ warning, I got “Get Netscape or ie 4.0”. Screw 'em.

Posted by Ripley on July 01, 2003