Close but no cigar.

We had a reasonably good time at the golf party on Saturday. The food wasn't great (except for the salads) but, then again, maybe Ice and I are just bitter since his boss stopped feeding us steak.

After dinner, everyone who golfed got to choose some swag from the company's suppliers and then Ice's boss — let's call him, oh, I dunno... Jake — announced that it was time to give out the major prizes of the evening. All employees were eligible whether they golfed or not and there were five prizes this year: ceiling fan, kitchen tent, barbecue, something I can't remember, and.... a Caribbean cruise.

So we were sitting there at the table, Ice across from me, to my right a guy I'll call Mr. Loudmouth, and to my left a guy I'll call Mr. Yummy (go ahead, Ice... roll your eyes ;) ) and Jake started drawing the names.

Mr. Loudmouth: “Well, Santa Claus has left the building. I'm not going to win anything.”
Jake: “Mr. Loudmouth!”
Mr. Yummy: “hahahaha. That's funny.”
Jake: “Mr. Yummy!”

I swear jaws dropped all around the table. Unfortunately, he never called “Mr. Ice!”. I woulda loved that Caribbean cruise.

After all the prizes and speeches were done, we sat around and chatted for a while, then headed out to the parking lot to admire Mr. Yummy's car (verrrry nice). Parked beside it was an almost-as-nice car owned by a guy I'll call Mr. Dim.

me: “Since Ice is driving Mr. Yummy's car to our place, I'll take yours and you can have the mini-van.”
Mr. Dim: “Do you want it back?”
me: “Uhhh... no.”

So that was the golf party. We went home, Mr. Yummy stayed for a beer, he left, the power went off for no apparent reason, Ice and I watched a movie. Sunday was rainy but I got some work done. Today, the kids were supposed to have baseball but we got a thunderstorm instead.

Posted by Ripley on July 21, 2003

And then you said

just what is a golf party anyway, and who gives ceiling fans as prizes?

very very odd.

Posted by the mighty jimbo on July 23, 2003 12:18 PM

golfing in the afternoon, then dinner, socializing, and (sometimes) dancing. a golf... party.

and those in the electrical business give ceiling fans as prizes.

FTR, the prize I couldn't remember was a golf bag.

Posted by ripley on July 25, 2003 2:22 AM

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