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01.07.03  Day 6 - - got up mid-afternoon A little earlier than that. - played games Newt and I (and later, MA) did Canada Day quizzes. I guess that qualifies. - drank beers Didn't drink much in the afternoon because I knew I was... (tags: )

02.07.03  Day 7 - - packed up car MA did a great job. - said goodbyes For several hours. I really really hate saying goodbye. - went woefully back to the city Twice even! It was all my fault — I forgot to get... (tags: )

03.07.03  A lot can happen in 7 days - I'm not quite finished with the vacation report but days 1, 2, 3, and 4 are up. I backdated them because otherwise it would be one long-ass post. In other news, Ice came home tonight because he's heading off to... (tags: )

09.07.03  Tucker - We picked up the puppy on Sunday and he's been keeping me busy ever since. I've been outside more than I've been inside and I've barely been online at all. But he and I are getting close to a schedule... (tags: )

10.07.03  Vacation reports - I finished writing up the vacation reports and days 5, 6, and 7 are now online (again, backdated). I had such a good time while Newt, MA, and K(2) were here. We talked, we made plans, we hung out, we... (tags: )

11.07.03  Can't see 'em but he's sure got 'em - Friends were out walking their dog tonight and they stopped by to see the pup. Tucker was a little hesitant at first — he's an eight-week-old shepherd/border collie cross (we think), Bailey is a nine-year-old akita/husky cross — but before... (tags: )

15.07.03  Thanks but I'll take my business elsewhere - “Do you sell Linksys routers?” “Yeeeesss.” “I'm looking for one in particular - BEFSR41.” “Is there a reason why?” “......because that's the one I want.” Why the hell do salesmen** in computer stores always ask me to explain my choices?... (tags: )

17.07.03  Netscape, it's been good to know ya - I know I've bitched and complained about what a pain in the ass it is to design webpages that work in Netscape 4.x but I was very sad when I heard earlier this week that AOL pulled the plug. As... (tags: )

21.07.03  Close but no cigar - We had a reasonably good time at the golf party on Saturday. The food wasn't great (except for the salads) but, then again, maybe Ice and I are just bitter since his boss stopped feeding us steak. After dinner, everyone... (tags: )

24.07.03  Today... - ...Mom and Dad picked up me and the kids this morning. ...left the puppy home alone for the first time. ...went to Pizza Hut for lunch. ...went to my aunt's place. ...renewed her virus scanner subscription and updated the definitions... (tags: )

27.07.03  You can leave your hat on - Ice's boss gave us tickets to see Joe Cocker tonight at the John Labatt Centre. I'm not a huge fan, although I do like his voice, but I'm almost always game for a free concert. So we called up the... (tags: )

28.07.03  There's no connection - It's freezing outside. and I scored 46% on the Gay-O-Meter. Apparently, I am “a happy and well adjusted hetero babe!” Link via Zoe... (tags: )

30.07.03  Busy but productive - Took the pup to the vet for his booster shot today. He's gained nearly eight pounds since we got him. I asked the vet what breeds he thinks Tucker has in him and he said definitely shepherd (“that's a no-brainer”)... (tags: )

31.07.03  Comparisons - Some people — even though they run a business — don't really mean it when they say, “I'll email you back on Thursday.” Other people — even though they run a much bigger business — email you back in five... (tags: )