Whipping out the crystal ball.

Newt's predictions for her upcoming visit, written on Sunday, June 22nd, with one minor modification by me (re: saying goodbye to Ice).


What I Did On My Summer Vacation
A future-past account

Thursday June 26:
- slept in
- picked up rental
- packed car with too much crap that we never use but must take
- got stuck in traffic but it was fine cuz I was on vacay
- stopped at grocery, liquor and beer stores for essentials
- arrived mid-arvo and cracked First Beer of Summer Vacation
- drank too much, stayed up too late

Friday June 27:
- awoke before supper
- cracked more beers
- ate, chatted, and generally enjoyed the evening
- drank too much, stayed up too late

Saturday June 28:
- awoke before supper
- got more beer
- cracked more beers
- ate too much and complained happily for hours
- played games
- drank too much, stayed up too late

Sunday June 29:
- discovered the reality of dehydration
- discovered 8 more beers alleviates any inkling of caring about dehydration
- played with the kids
- went to bed before dawn

Monday June 30:
- took dehydration seriously
- ate plenty of salty snacks
- suffered
- drank more beer
- said goodbyes to Ice
- went to bed early

Tuesday July 1:
- got up mid-afternoon
- played games
- drank beers
- went to fireworks
- drank more beers
- played more games
- got depressed over prospect of leaving

Wednesday July 2:
- packed up car
- said goodbyes
- went woefully back to the city


I think she's nailed it. Now if only Thursday would hurry the hell up and get here!

Posted by Ripley on June 25, 2003

And then you said

I'm curious to see how close Newt's predicitions of her vacay goes.

Hope all goes well!


Posted by Harv on June 26, 2003 7:30 PM

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