One person's trash....

“Are [Newt, MA, and K(2)] coming for yard sale day?”
“Why not??”
“We just saw them last weekend.”
“But we didn't! They always come for yard sale day!!”

You were missed, guys. :)

Every year, on the last Saturday in May, we have a community-wide yard sale here. Every street has at least one sale and most have several. People come from all over to find bargains and the streets are actually crowded. It's quite the event in a town where not much happens.

This year, the weather wasn't great. It was cold and sprinkling rain now and then but the sales went on and the people showed up. Lots and lots of them.

Ice arranged to go into work later than usual so he could take the kids to the firemen's breakfast. They wandered around town a little bit and he picked up his annual pies (raspberry and rhubarb this year). He also let the kids get some small toys and found some roller blades for L. When they got home, J decided I had been sleeping long enough (yeah, all of 3 hours) so he came upstairs and woke me up. Ice left for work and after I felt coherent enough to cope, I asked the kids if they wanted to go out again.

“You mean, with you??”

So I took them all over town for a couple of hours. Found a few more things they just had to have, visited with some friends (Roland!), and bought some books for myself. It's been a while since I've made it out to the sales (see the intro to this post) and it was actually kinda fun.

The Monday after the yard sales, there is always a ‘special’ garbage collection. What we call ‘big garbage day’. We're allowed to put out furniture, appliances, broken toys, all the stuff that isn't considered regular everyday garbage, and they come and take it away for free. It's a very helpful service considering the dump is only open on Monday mornings and working people can't get there.

Invariably, on the Sunday in between, the garbage pickers hit town. From mid-afternoon until very late at night, people drive around town in their cars and trucks, stopping and picking through the stuff that is set out at the curb. Now Ice points out that some of these people do it out of necessity and I don't have a problem with that. But it seems to me that most of them do it because they're cheap. The kind of people that will offer you ten cents for an item that you've priced at a quarter. And they're looking at this stuff not for themselves but with an eye to making a quick buck. It's not really my problem though and hey, everything they take away is one less item for the landfill.

This year, we cleaned a lot of stuff out of the basement. I told Ice to make sure he put out my old monitor and I said that I was really hoping one of the (non-needy) garbage pickers would take it. And sure enough, they did! I really wish I could be there when they turn it on. It still makes me laugh when I remember Newt's reaction to the sound it makes now and she had been warned. The poor guy who took it home will probably pee himself when he tries it.

Also on Saturday, J and I got our hair cut (had to mention that so this can be a true haircut blog) and we did some shopping and played some PS2 games.

Anyway, it was a good weekend. Busy (all of our weekends seem to be busy these days) but still fun.

Posted by Ripley on June 02, 2003

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