Just shoot me now.

Today was the last day of school for the girls so now I'll have them home all day, every day for the next two months. But, on the up side, I'll also get to sleep in every day for the next two months. It evens out. Sorta.

When J finished yesterday, I was in a great mood. No more kindergarten, no more witch, no more dreading school days. Things would be easier from now on. This teacher was supposed to retire a year ago but didn't (because, as she told me, she didn't know what she'd do) so chances were good she would retire now and I wouldn't have to see her at the school at all.

The girls brought home the final newsletter and in it is the staff list for next year. And look! There's a new kindergarten teacher listed for next year. Great news! But wait... what the hell does it say on the next line??

Guess which teacher, after decades of teaching kindergarten, will now be teaching grade 1? I swear she's out to get me.

Posted by Ripley on June 24, 2003