It wore me out more than the kids.

I went on my son's class trip today to the Children's Museum. Pretty cool place. There wasn't a lot there to appeal to older kids but for J's age group (kindergarten), it was just right.

The ‘My Place in Space’ area was a big hit. They got to wear silver space ‘shirts’ and check out a shuttle (named Hannah) and a child's version of the International Space Station. Lots of buttons to push and things to climb. They also liked the caves area, mostly because it was kinda dark and spooky. J's favourite was the ‘Street Where You Live’ gallery, with its replica McDonald's, grocery store, and streets where he could ‘drive’ riding toys.

I had three kids that I was directly responsible for. They were all well-behaved, no complaining, and I didn't have to chase them down or remind them to use their indoor voices once. Not even J. I was impressed with all three and I told them so.

Posted by Ripley on June 09, 2003

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