L came home from school yesterday with both knees covered in scrapes. She said she fell trying to jump from the ground up to the fourth step of the climber. Or something like that. Only one knee (the left) actually required a bandage so the damage wasn't too serious. It looked worse than it was.

I said, “Nice job, L.”
She said, “Thanks! I did it myself!”

She is her father's child.

So today, after they'd been home for a while, all three kids went back over to the school to play. Half an hour later, L came back, limping, covered in gravel dust, and bleeding. This time from the right knee. I'm not exactly sure what she did. Something about running, loose gravel, and falling. Obviously. It was already turning multiple shades of black and blue and she said it hurt a lot so I think this one is going to slow her down for a bit.

I got her cleaned up and bandaged and we'd just finished when K walked into the bathroom. Maybe she was feeling left out, I don't know, but she was also bleeding. Not just a knee for my K though, no, she had to throw in a bleeding elbow, too. I have no idea what she did to hurt herself. I'm pretty sure she told me but I was too focused on getting things cleaned up and covered up. She said she cried when it happened but by the time she got home, she was laughing. I think that was mostly because she thought the assembly line in the bathroom was amusing.

J came back from the school in one piece but he was the most upset. One of the girls jokingly suggested going back over to play and he kinda freaked. “No!! It's dangerous over there!!”

So that was three knees, one elbow, and half a box of bandages in two days. And summer hasn't even started yet. Yay.

Posted by Ripley on June 11, 2003

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