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Day 4.

- discovered the reality of dehydration

I don't know about Newt but I didn't feel too bad.

- discovered 8 more beers alleviates any inkling of caring about dehydration

Oh wait, maybe this is why.

- played with the kids

We barely saw the kids. They were at the park, in the pool, at the park, in the pool. They kept themselves really busy although we did have to teach them a few tricks for getting to stay up past bedtime.

- went to bed before dawn

Well before dawn, after watching some really bad TV.

Things that weren't predicted:

Ice and I had to leave for a few hours in the afternoon to see a lady about a dog. A puppy actually and we're picking him up this Sunday.

The power went off for no apparent reason.

Ice barbecued an awesome ham.

Posted by Ripley on June 29, 2003