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Day 3.

- awoke before supper

Again, up too damn early.

- got more beer

And some expensive vodka. And a pool for the kids.

- cracked more beers

No surprise there.

- ate too much and complained happily for hours

Ice barbecued enormous steaks. Newt was in heaven.

- played games

A new version of Youker was created (it's not up yet) but there weren't many changes, despite my best efforts. I still think ‘one drink for belching’ was a perfectly good rule.

- drank too much, stayed up too late

Yes to both.

Things that weren't predicted:

Newt and I installed Red Hat 9 on Ash. She said I was argumentative, I said I wasn't, Ice and MA hid in the other room. It was fun. :)

MA went to bed after the Youker game (poor thing had a nasty cold) so Ice, Newt, and I decided to walk up to Kelly's. We had a less-than-pleasant encounter with the cops on the way, played some pool, met a truck driver, heard a ‘dog meets van’ story, and stayed way past closing time.

Posted by Ripley on June 28, 2003