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Day 2.

- awoke before supper

Hell, we were up before lunch. That's just not right.

- cracked more beers

Yep, although it took MA a while to recover from the night before.

- ate, chatted, and generally enjoyed the evening

MA made a yummy jambalaya, we played a dice game (10,000), and learned that, when MA is drinking mmmMike's through a straw, she doesn't know when to whoa.

- drank too much, stayed up too late

Not so late but yeah, too much.

Things that weren't predicted:

Ice called to say that he had to work late and that he was going to have to work on Monday. He wasn't happy about it and neither were we but, when he came home, he gave us all a little thrill by strolling through the house with his workboots and ‘cool’ shades on. Ok, I was thrilled by the workboots and shades; Newt was thrilled because he was carrying more beer.

Posted by Ripley on June 27, 2003