Day 1.

- slept in

Uh, no. Apparently, Newt was up at 6:30am.

The original plan was for them to leave the city around 11am or noon. I got up at 10:30am, thinking I still had at least half an hour before they would even be leaving the city (it's a 2.5 - 3 hour drive), checked my email, and discovered they'd already been on the road for an hour! Minor panic ensued. Serves me right for not having everything done though.

- picked up rental

Still not sure what colour it was.

- packed car with too much crap that we never use but must take

I didn't think they brought too much stuff but then again, once it was whisked off to the bedroom, I never really saw any of it again until it was time for them to leave.

- got stuck in traffic but it was fine cuz I was on vacay

I'm told the traffic was fine!

- stopped at grocery, liquor and beer stores for essentials

Yep, although I think they far exceeded the definition of ‘essential’.

- arrived mid-arvo and cracked First Beer of Summer Vacation

They arrived early afternoon, not mid, so no points for this one. ;P Don't get me wrong though. I am definitely not complaining.

- drank too much, stayed up too late

Didn't stay up all that late but definitely drank too much. We parked ourselves on the front porch, sent the kids off to play, and drank beer all afternoon and well into the evening. It was great.

Things that weren't predicted:

Newt made dinner for us adults and we discovered that KDE's tea timer can't be trusted when cooking pizza.

MA crashed early so Newt and I decided to pop over to Kelly's for a visit. She called first to see if they were open and the next thing we knew, Kelly herself was pulling up in front of the house to give us a ride. Got to the bar and had less than a beer when Roland decided he wanted to go home early. Kelly gave us a ride home again. It's probably just as well that it was a short visit.

Posted by Ripley on June 26, 2003