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02.06.03  One person's trash... - “Are [Newt, MA, and K(2)] coming for yard sale day?” “No.” “Why not??” “We just saw them last weekend.” “But we didn't! They always come for yard sale day!!” You were missed, guys. :) Every year, on the last Saturday... (tags: )

04.06.03  Bits 'n' pieces - I hardly ever go into an actual bank. I pay the bills online or by phone, I write cheques for school stuff, and I use a bank machine or debit card for everything else. The only time I have to... (tags: )

07.06.03  Two things - The new neighbours moved in on Friday. I haven't met them yet but I think they'll fit in just fine. They had the beer out before they even started unloading their stuff. *** My score on the Geek Test was... (tags: )

08.06.03  Another milestone - Almost Fabulous Movie Reviews: 429 Movies, 500 Reviews Yay!... (tags: )

09.06.03  It wore me out more than the kids - I went on my son's class trip today to the Children's Museum. Pretty cool place. There wasn't a lot there to appeal to older kids but for J's age group (kindergarten), it was just right. The ‘My Place in Space’... (tags: )

09.06.03  Lord Stanley's Cup - I agree with Lomara - Devils fans suck. There's no excuse for that sort of behaviour. Ok, there's one. They're not true hockey fans. The Ducks did a great job in the playoffs, a real Cinderella team, and Giguere easily... (tags: )

11.06.03  GHA ER - L came home from school yesterday with both knees covered in scrapes. She said she fell trying to jump from the ground up to the fourth step of the climber. Or something like that. Only one knee (the left) actually... (tags: )

16.06.03  It's porch fridge weather - Beautiful, beautiful day. Hot in the sun, perfect in the shade, still cool in the house. I wish all of summer was like today. But now I'm sitting here, trying to finish a website, trying to make NN 4.x behave... (tags: )

21.06.03  The almost addition, part 1 - We've been looking for a dog for a while now. Not actively searching really but keeping an ear/eye out. One night at the beginning of June, I decided to find out if there were any pet rescue operations in this... (tags: )

22.06.03  The almost addition, part 2 - [I've talked about this a lot over the last few days and I'm tired of beating myself up over it. So this is the (believe it or not) semi-condensed version of the events following yesterday's post.] While we were still... (tags: )

23.06.03  MA's hot so I blame her - Last year when Newt, MA, and K(2) came to visit, it was the hottest weekend of the entire year and we all melted. The forecast for this week (all temps in Celsius): Today - Sunny and hot. High 31 except... (tags: )

24.06.03  Just shoot me now - Today was the last day of school for the girls so now I'll have them home all day, every day for the next two months. But, on the up side, I'll also get to sleep in every day for the... (tags: )

25.06.03  Whipping out the crystal ball - Newt's predictions for her upcoming visit, written on Sunday, June 22nd, with one minor modification by me (re: saying goodbye to Ice). *** What I Did On My Summer Vacation A future-past account Thursday June 26: - slept in -... (tags: )

25.06.03  Hot enough for ya? - J lost his first tooth today with some (reluctant) help from me. Apparently he missed the memo that said he's only supposed to do things like that when his dad is home. Speaking of his dad, Ice is almost finished... (tags: )

26.06.03  Day 1 - - slept in Uh, no. Apparently, Newt was up at 6:30am. The original plan was for them to leave the city around 11am or noon. I got up at 10:30am, thinking I still had at least half an hour before... (tags: )

27.06.03  Day 2 - - awoke before supper Hell, we were up before lunch. That's just not right. - cracked more beers Yep, although it took MA a while to recover from the night before. - ate, chatted, and generally enjoyed the evening MA... (tags: )

28.06.03  Day 3 - - awoke before supper Again, up too damn early. - got more beer And some expensive vodka. And a pool for the kids. - cracked more beers No surprise there. - ate too much and complained happily for hours Ice... (tags: )

29.06.03  Day 4 - - discovered the reality of dehydration I don't know about Newt but I didn't feel too bad. - discovered 8 more beers alleviates any inkling of caring about dehydration Oh wait, maybe this is why. - played with the kids... (tags: )

30.06.03  Day 5 - - took dehydration seriously - ate plenty of salty snacks - suffered We were too well-behaved. Nobody suffered that I saw, except MA with her cold. - drank more beer But of course. - said goodbyes to Ice After I... (tags: )