Why Ice is going slowly insane.

A description of the $19 million school that Ice is currently working on, from an article in the Guelph Mercury. The article isn't online anymore but I grabbed this from Google's cache.

A walk through the building makes it obvious that the school will be nothing like any other high school in the area. A spacious lobby, a chapel and a view of the expansive sports fields behind the school make the entrance to the school a natural gathering place for students.

Hallways branch off from there, past offices for administration, guidance and student council purposes.

The cafeteria seats 800, with a large stage area at the one end that can be used as two classrooms or a showcase for musical and theatre productions with seating for 300.

The cafeteria has an outdoor and indoor eating area, the sports fields the schools share with the city will include a football field, six-lane track, two clay-infield baseball diamonds, hiking trails and there are spacious parking lots. The school is on a 42-acre site.

"We'll have an individual locker for all 1,100 students," [Principal Joe] Vadala said. "When I was at B.M., we had three people to a locker. This school has its own radio station and TV studio. I can broadcast announcements to all the classrooms at once because they'll have TVs, DVDs and VCRs in every room.

"There will also be TVs in the halls and security cameras throughout the school."

The 40 regular classrooms are arranged around the outer walls of the two floors. In the middle area of the floors, various common work rooms are arranged.

"When we talk to the Grade 8s who will be coming here, they are worried that the school is so big, they'll get lost.

It's designed so the hallways run in a circle around the middle so rooms are easy to find."

I've seen it and it's big. I think there's a picture on the school board's site but it's down at the moment. When it comes back up (and if there's a pic), I'll add it here.

<added> Got the picture. It's an artist's rendering.

Posted by Ripley on May 29, 2003

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