Victoria Day weekend plus.

Friday - watched 2.5 movies, one of which I'd seen before.

Saturday - Ice and K worked in the morning, we all went shopping in the afternoon, bought a new printer and a couple of PS2 games (among other things), met Mom & Dad for dinner, watched 1.25 movies, Ice went to bed, I worked, L got up about 4am, she was very sick, I stayed up with her and finally got to bed at 8:30am Sunday morning.

Sunday - got up shortly after noon, Ice spent the afternoon at Kelly's (no, not drinking, working), L still wasn't feeling great, we were invited out but couldn't go, Ice opted to watch me play Dark Cloud instead of a movie, he went to bed, J got up, said his stomach hurt, he finally went back to bed at 5am, I followed an hour later.

Monday - Ice dug a new flowerbed, we went to the greenhouse, bought a lot of flowers, came home and planted everything, K said she had a headache and wasn't feeling well but she went to bed and stayed there.

Tuesday - Ice went back to work and the girls went back to school, everybody seemed to be healthy.

Wednesday (today) - J came home from school and said his stomach hurt, he ate a little bit of his dinner and then threw up, finally got him to bed at 10:30pm, don't know if he'll stay there.

Ice said it was a long weekend. I'm thinking the week isn't turning out much better.

Posted by Ripley on May 21, 2003