Trying not to yawn.

I was so tired this week. On Wednesday, I closed my eyes for twenty minutes after lunch and had a dream about how tired I was. That was kinda strange.

On Tuesday, I had to go over to the school twice. Once in the morning because K forgot her stuff for swimming and again in the afternoon for J's ‘portfolio night’. Yeah ‘night’ even though it was in the afternoon. He showed me (and his sisters) some samples of the work he's done this year. When we got to his journal, he had half a dozen drawings of the neighbours, a few of his dad, some of the girls, but not a single one of me. Not one. Ice figures a psychiatrist would have a great time with that.

On Wednesday, I got a call from the woman who is in charge of organizing baseball for the summer. Apparently, only three girls signed up for K's age group so there's not going to be a team. If we want, we can take her to one of six other communities but I'm not so sure I want to do that. This woman is also considering combining K's age group with J's and just playing locally. I'm not sure what we're going to do yet.

On Thursday, my Mom called and told me that she's finally set a date to retire. Officially, she's done July 31st but, with holidays and such, she'll actually be done July 11th. I think she's kinda torn about the whole thing. She has said that she likes getting out of the house and going to work and that she's not sure what she'll do when she retires but things at work haven't been very pleasant for the last while and she just couldn't stand it anymore. I think she'll be fine once she's actually done. She and my Dad will be able to go where they want, any time they want and I don't think she'll be bored at all. I hope not anyway.

Today.... well, not much happened today other than Ice came home. That was good enough for me.

Posted by Ripley on May 02, 2003