Still breathing.

I didn't intend to be so quiet this month.

Spent the weekend working on a website. It's mostly done, except for some behind-the-scenes details and a menu issue or two. I'm happy with it but I'm waiting for the final verdict from the client.

Monday night, we had a really nasty thunderstorm and I had to shut the computers down. The power went off twice, got some water in the basement but not too much, J freaked and had to come downstairs to sleep on the couch. Can't really blame him. Like I said, it was nasty.

Yesterday, I had some website issues. Couldn't access MT and couldn't get my email. Newt sorted it all out with tech support today. She is so much better at dealing with these things than I am.

So, yeah. In other words, I haven't been doing anything that makes for interesting reading.

Posted by Ripley on May 07, 2003