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02.05.03  Trying not to yawn - I was so tired this week. On Wednesday, I closed my eyes for twenty minutes after lunch and had a dream about how tired I was. That was kinda strange. On Tuesday, I had to go over to the school... (tags: )

07.05.03  Still breathing - I didn't intend to be so quiet this month. Spent the weekend working on a website. It's mostly done, except for some behind-the-scenes details and a menu issue or two. I'm happy with it but I'm waiting for the final... (tags: )

08.05.03  A conversation with my daughter - I was outside when L came home. She sat down beside me and said, “So... we talked about puberty at school today.” “Did you learn anything interesting?” “Not really. We watched a movie. The boys had to go to another... (tags: )

11.05.03  Ice says every day is Mother's Day around here - K's birthday on Friday was good. We went to Jack Astor's for dinner and she loved it, especially when they made her stand on the bench while they sang to her. All three of them really enjoyed the movie. It... (tags: )

15.05.03  It ain't my fault - An abbreviated version of what I would have posted Tuesday night if the server had been up... Went to see the dentist, he thinks I might be grinding my teeth, I wasn't really surprised, he's still yummy (the dentist), J... (tags: )

16.05.03  June Carter Cash - From CNN, yesterday: NASHVILLE, Tennessee (AP) -- June Carter Cash, a scion of a pioneering family in country music and the wife and Grammy-winning duet partner of singer Johnny Cash, died Thursday of complications from heart surgery. She was 73.... (tags: )

21.05.03  Victoria Day weekend plus - Friday - watched 2.5 movies, one of which I'd seen before. Saturday - Ice and K worked in the morning, we all went shopping in the afternoon, bought a new printer and a couple of PS2 games (among other things),... (tags: )

27.05.03  Surprises are good - (Looking back, it will be easy to tell in which month we had the most problems with our webhost.) It was Newt's birthday on Saturday and after much planning and several emails and with the cooperation of grandparents, Ice and... (tags: )

28.05.03  The sexiest man on TV - There's an interesting interview with Peter Mansbridge in June's edition of Reader's Digest. An excerpt from his reply to the question: “What's it like to have one of Canada's most recognizable faces?” “A few summers ago, I was stopped for... (tags: )

29.05.03  Why Ice is going slowly insane - A description of the $19 million school that Ice is currently working on, from an article in the Guelph Mercury. The article isn't online anymore but I grabbed this from Google's cache. A walk through the building makes it obvious... (tags: )