At least it wasn't boring.

Ice storm Thursday night and Friday with 2" of ice on everything by the time it was done. Branches and hydro poles down all over the place but, surprisingly, the very old tree in front of my house, the one my idiot neighbour says is on the verge of dying, dropped very little.

The kids got yet another day off school. They were thrilled until they realized they couldn't play outside.

Friday morning, I was standing right here, about to shut everything down, when the power flickered off and back on again very quickly. None of the clocks or the VCRs noticed but the computers did. Bishop and Ivan rebooted relatively gracefully. Ash did not.

Saturday morning, Ice worked, then came home and registered the kids for baseball. Well, two of them. L has decided she doesn't want to play this year. She won't give me a good reason why not.

Between 1:30 and 2pm, Ice's boss called and offered us his tickets for the Leafs/Sens game. Despite the iffy weather, we found a sitter, packed up the kids for an overnight stay, and went. The Leafs lost but we had fun, even though I was extremely disappointed that I didn't win anything in the "Shirts Off Our Backs" draw at the end of the game. A sweaty Gary Roberts jersey woulda made my year.

On the way home, Ice took me for a tour of his job sites. Impressive buildings, both of them, but especially the hospital.

Sunday, the sun was shining, the wind wasn't blowing, everything was calm, and the power went off. For 6 hours. Many other people had power outages lasting much longer than that but still, it was annoying. Especially since the storm was over by that point.

Today, it snowed, the kids made it through their first day without the television, and I got my first full day on the computer since last Thursday.

Posted by Ripley on April 07, 2003

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