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01.04.03  Ho-hum - April Fool's Day online was a big disappointment this year. There were a few things going on but nothing that really impressed me. Maybe next year will be better. I had a much more productive day though. Probably because there... (tags: )

03.04.03  We'll see how it goes - My kids have decided to take part in ‘Turn Off the Screens’ week. I explained to them what was involved, just to make sure they were clear on it, and they were still interested. So, starting Monday, no television, no... (tags: )

07.04.03  At least it wasn't boring - Ice storm Thursday night and Friday with 2" of ice on everything by the time it was done. Branches and hydro poles down all over the place but, surprisingly, the very old tree in front of my house, the one... (tags: )

08.04.03  Next year, dammit - I did the final tally for the hockey pool and Ice beat me by a lousy five points. I was gaining on him each week but I ran out of weeks. It's probably a good thing that I don't remember... (tags: )

09.04.03  Coffee and charm - On the Tim Hortons website, they have some information on the products they sell. For example, Tim Hortons Coffee Choices include: Traditional Tim Hortons Blend Coffee Decaffeinated Coffee English Toffee Cappuccino French Vanilla Cappuccino CafĂ© Mocha Iced Cappuccino See that,... (tags: )

10.04.03  It never ends - I have so many things on my To Do list for this site that sometimes I don't know where to start. Some things are partially done, some are fairly well planned but not started, some are just ideas in my... (tags: )

11.04.03  They did it! - The kids managed to go the whole week (school week, that is) without the television, computer, Playstation, or Gameboys. I'm very proud of them.... (tags: )

15.04.03  I'm glad it's not my 2nd language - Gail Armstrong at Open Brackets has an interesting demonstration of the difficulties associated with learning the English language. Can you define the verb ‘to get’?... (tags: )

16.04.03  The bad with the very, very good - Bad: The Leafs lost in triple overtime. Good: Detroit is out! Finished! Done! Anaheim swept their enormous egos right out to the golf course.... (tags: )

18.04.03  One of 250 bugs - From RichInStyle.com Bug Guide - Netscape 4: If you allow line-height to inherit into form elements, you will experience problems with overlapping elements. The problems are only mildly annoying on buttons or text fields created by the INPUT element, but... (tags: )

19.04.03  Done - I fixed the forms for Netscape. Also made a few other changes. Obviously.... (tags: )

20.04.03  Easter weekend - Ice came home Thursday night, did the family thing on Friday (my family), watched a terrible hockey game on Saturday afternoon and shared a Don Cherry Bubba (the black one), watched movies Saturday night, Ice helped J learn to ride... (tags: )

22.04.03  Pissed off would be an understatement - From CBC Sports: The Toronto Maple Leafs suffered much more than a meltdown. It was a massacre. The Flyers deserved to win. The Leafs barely showed up for a couple of games and tonight, they didn't bother to show up... (tags: )

24.04.03  Move 'em out - My mother-in-law agreed to take the kids for a while tomorrow so that I can go with Ice to help some friends move. Not that I like moving all that much, I just like these friends a lot. Time is... (tags: )

25.04.03  Piece of advice - If you are going to help friends move for most of the afternoon and early evening.... and if you are going to have a beer and a mmmMike's while helping with said move.... and if you are going to have... (tags: )

27.04.03  AFMR updates - I added screenplays, both original and adapted, to the Oscars section. Also added a section for the Genies. I'm still doing some research for those but I figured I might as well put what I have online.... (tags: )

28.04.03  Spending future money - What a nice day. I was out on the deck for a while, picking leaves and twigs and other crap out of the whiskey barrel / planter, and it got me thinking about what I'm going to do with the... (tags: )