Ok, sometimes tv is interesting.

Ever since the kids have been old enough to get up in the morning without me and to turn the TV on by themselves, I've made it a habit to always switch over to TVO before going to bed. I don't want them to have any nasty surprises and TVO in the morning is always safe.

So tonight, I did that and caught the last bit of Studio 2. They were showing an interview with a guy (Kevin Chappell) who was hit by a car some years ago. His brain was damaged and now he suffers from something called visual agnosia.

Apparently, he can see just fine but he has no clue what he's looking at. He recognizes faces but not something as simple as a watch or a cup of coffee.

The story of how he has learned to deal with this was really fascinating. I'm just sorry I missed the first few minutes.

Posted by Ripley on March 25, 2003

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