It was a long day, pt2.

Continued from Monday, after an ISP-related delay and an extreme-PMS-related delay. Since it's been so long, I'll be brief. None of it seems as important now.

The furnace went off several more times during the day. It was 6pm-ish before I convinced it to stay working.

When L got home from school, she felt much better about missing the ski trip. I think having two of their three recesses cancelled due to the extreme cold played a factor in that.

J took 45 minutes to get home from school. It should only take him 10 minutes but it takes a while for him to get all of his winter stuff on and he walks slow so I usually allow him 20 minutes before I start to worry. I had to send K out to look for him.

L had a French project that she needed printed, so she typed it up on the other computer, I saved it on a floppy and brought it over here to print it out. Except I couldn't. I tried every piece of advice I could find but nothing worked. Since she needed it for the next day, I gave in to the dark side and booted into Windows to print it from there... but it still didn't work. The computer and the printer were communicating so, apparently, the printer itself was broken. Oddly enough though, that's when I started to feel better. After several hours of frustration, it was actually a relief to discover that it wasn't something I'd screwed up in Linux.

And that's pretty much it. I crashed on the couch for the rest of the night.

Posted by Ripley on March 08, 2003

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