I took them on the journey.

Last night, since J was away, the girls and I had pizza in front of the TV and watched The Fellowship of the Ring. The general opinion when it was over? “It was really long.” Today, however, K said, “That was the second best movie I've ever seen!”

It was interesting to watch it with them. They had a lot of trouble with the names, mostly with keeping them straight, and they kept comparing Gandalf to Dumbledore. When Boromir died (*sniff*) and Aragorn was leaning over him, they couldn't tell which was which.

Given that they've never read the books and that, going into it, they really had no idea what the movie was about, I was suprised by how little I had to explain. That reinforced my opinion that Peter Jackson did an amazing job.


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Posted by Ripley on March 12, 2003

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