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03.03.03  It was a long day - On Sunday, it was really windy here and, as happens sometimes on days like that, the furnace quit working. Ice went down to the basement and convinced it to start several times, and the last time, I went down there... (tags: )

08.03.03  It was a long day, pt2 - Continued from Monday, after an ISP-related delay and an extreme-PMS-related delay. Since it's been so long, I'll be brief. None of it seems as important now. The furnace went off several more times during the day. It was 6pm-ish before... (tags: )

10.03.03  March break - The kids spent the first day of March break playing outside and I spent it swearing at my ISP. Then again, I did get to sleep late this morning so it wasn't all bad. Tomorrow, J's girlfriend and her sister... (tags: )

11.03.03  Hopelessly devoted to J - When my mother-in-law came back to pick up the visiting relatives today, she decided to take J home with her, too. The following conversation took place as they were leaving. Me to the red-haired girl: “You make sure J behaves.”... (tags: )

11.03.03  Another Canadian - Added Zacharias Kunuk, the first person from the Territories. Nunavut, to be exact.... (tags: )

12.03.03  I took them on the journey - Last night, since J was away, the girls and I had pizza in front of the TV and watched The Fellowship of the Ring. The general opinion when it was over? “It was really long.” Today, however, K said, “That... (tags: )

13.03.03  One more - Added Arthur Irwin to the Canadians.... (tags: )

17.03.03  It's all good - March break is over, the kids have returned to school, the weather has improved, Ice is coming home a day early this week, Newt's surgery is over and she's doing well, and Chrétien said, “If military action proceeds without a... (tags: )

23.03.03  Bargain shopping again - We went to London today for dinner at Mexicali Rosa's for my uncle's 60th birthday. It was a surprise party and the double-take he did when he walked in was priceless. He said after, that he saw my brother first... (tags: )

24.03.03  Better than TV - I played a lot of videogames last week and on the weekend. Finally finished Legend of Dragoon. The ending looked great. Tried Lunar, got bored, and quit. I might try it again sometime when there's nothing else available. Attempted to... (tags: )

25.03.03  Ok, sometimes tv is interesting - Ever since the kids have been old enough to get up in the morning without me and to turn the TV on by themselves, I've made it a habit to always switch over to TVO before going to bed. I... (tags: )

30.03.03  Is this thing on? - On Thursday, the server was rooted. It was fixed by late Friday but it wasn't even close to stable. Up down up down up down. Just a little frustrating. It seems to be ok now and, as far as I... (tags: )

31.03.03  An unproductive day - I wasn't feeling great when I went to bed last night and I didn't sleep well. At one point, I got up to use the bathroom and when I got back into bed, I couldn't stop shivering. I sleep in... (tags: )