This weekend and that weekend.

Apart from all the tragedies, it was a good weekend. Completely unproductive but fun. We had friends over on Saturday night to play cards and I laughed so much my face hurt. I love nights like that.

Back to my birthday weekend, finally:

On Friday, Newt, MA & K(2) arrived. We talked and drank and talked some more. Everybody was pretty tired though so it wasn't a late night.

On Saturday, Newt fixed my ‘no sound from the CD-ROM drive’ problem and we spent the majority of the afternoon discussing site issues, mostly AFMR related. After dinner, just as I was getting ready for an evening of youker, Ice announced that we were going out. When we got to the bar, my oldest friend (as in, I've known her the longest) and her husband were there. The stage had a banner on it and there were balloons everywhere. The owners had even brought in a band for the night. More of my friends and some relatives showed up eventually. We all played pool and drank and grabbed some asses and danced. Roland, the bartender/owner, gave us a ride home. Which was a very good thing since we were all a bit drunk and it was damn cold outside.

On Sunday, we ate chili and watched the Super Bowl. I sat in my lonely little Tampa Bay suburb while the Raider Nation sat on the couch and stared at the TV in dismay. I don't know what their problem was though. I thought the game went well.

On Monday, after trying unsuccessfully to convince Newt that she's wrong about A Knight's Tale, our guests left and Ice and I headed off to Toronto. We checked into the hotel, had some hors d'oeuvres, and then jumped on the subway to go to the David Gray concert.

It was amazing. All I'd hoped for and then so much more. He sounded great, he looked great, and he sang every song I wanted to hear, including Shine and Please Forgive Me. Even when he screwed up his cover of Van Morrison's And It Stoned Me during his seven-song encore, he was charming and made everyone laugh. Especially when he stared at the keyboard and said “It's all black and white things!!” I would have to put the show at the top of my favourite concerts ever. It was that good.

On Tuesday, we met Newt for lunch and then headed home.

It was a great weekend and one I won't forget. I really appreciate all of the effort that was put into it. Thank you all!

Posted by Ripley on February 02, 2003