Not a snow day.

...a ‘no heat at the school’ day.

J woke me up at 7am, very excited. He said the secretary from the school had called to say there was no heat and the school was closed. He also said she mentioned my ‘snow list’. I asked him what she said about the list. He didn't know. I asked him if I was supposed to call her back. He didn't know. I asked if she was going to call me back. He didn't know.

The kid is 5. He's not supposed to answer the phone but I guess, in his opinion, he got the most important part of the message.

So I got up and called the secretary and she confirmed what J had said. She asked that I call all the parents on my list to let them know, which I did. And I only screwed up once. Not bad on only three hours sleep.

That's six days off school since the first of the year, for those keeping track.

In other news, we got digital cable installed today! I haven't looked at every channel yet but what I've seen looks good. Ice was home tonight (he had a meeting) so I gave him the remote and said it was completely up to him to decide what we were going to watch. Where did we end up? Showcase Action. Go figure. ;)

Posted by Ripley on February 24, 2003

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