Injury report.

My youngest two were upstairs playing late this afternoon when I heard a loud thump, as if one of them had fallen. I listened but nobody was crying so I figured all was well. They came downstairs shortly after and reported that J had fallen and bumped his knee. They still didn't seem all that concerned about it but I guess J decided maybe he should check to see if there was any damage. He pulled up the leg of his jeans and that's when the crying started.

He managed to put a huge gash in his knee from hitting the corner of one of the drawers under K's bed. It wasn't bleeding as much as I would have expected but damn, it looked terrible. I considered taking him for stitches but it wasn't all that deep, just long and wide. And ever since he had to have stitches in the back of his head a few years ago (also from falling and hitting a bed. different bed, different circumstances), he's been really uptight about the possibility of getting them again.

So I got him to stop crying and bandaged him up. Maybe someday he'll learn that jumping around upstairs isn't a good idea? Yeah, I know... in my dreams....

Posted by Ripley on February 17, 2003

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