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01.02.03  Columbia - NASA Emergency Notice: A Space Shuttle contingency was declared earlier this morning in Mission Control when communication was lost with the Space Shuttle Columbia during its return to Earth following a 16-day mission. Communication and tracking of the shuttle was... (tags: )

02.02.03  Another seven - From the CBC: Revelstoke British Columbia's second tragic avalanche in three weeks killed seven young backcountry skiers on Saturday. The skiers were in a group of 14 students and three adults from the Strathcona - Tweedsmuir private school south of... (tags: )

02.02.03  This weekend and that weekend - Apart from all the tragedies, it was a good weekend. Completely unproductive but fun. We had friends over on Saturday night to play cards and I laughed so much my face hurt. I love nights like that. Back to my... (tags: )

03.02.03  I tried - I had great plans for today, a whole list of things I was going to get done. I started off well but, by mid-afternoon, I was falling asleep at my desk. I mess up my sleep patterns so much on... (tags: )

04.02.03  Let it snow - With the nasty winter we've been having, I'm actually relieved that Ice is staying out of town. My stress level is reduced considerably when all I have to worry about is the kids getting home from school (which is only... (tags: )

05.02.03  Snow day #4 - The kids were all excited this morning and dancing around the house. You'd think they'd be tired of snow days by now. Poor J though. He's in kindergarten so he only goes to school Monday, Wednesday, and every other Friday... (tags: )

08.02.03  Sing it with me - Earlier today, Ice was making dinner and I was playing DJ. Hey, if he's going to cook, the least I can do is entertain. So after I'd played Metallica's Enter Sandman followed by Chris Knight's The Hammer Going Down, he... (tags: )

11.02.03  Yesterday and today - Yesterday started off well. I got a bunch of things done in the morning and then my brother called to see if I was going to be home in the afternoon. He and my Dad dropped by after lunch and... (tags: )

12.02.03  Snow day #5 - J hit the jackpot again. Poor kid cried this time because they were going to exchange their Valentines today.... (tags: )

13.02.03  Grover! - I've always loved Sesame Street. Well, I've always loved the muppets on Sesame Street, especially Grover. He was just so geeky and cute. When I was in residence at university, a friend and I snagged the TV in the lounge... (tags: )

14.02.03  Valentine's Day - I'm not that big on Valentine's Day. It's nice and everything and it's always great to get extra goodies but, if someone decided that Valentine's Day would be no more, I wouldn't really miss it. The first Valentine's Day that... (tags: )

15.02.03  And you thought it was just me - Yesterday when Ice got home, he threw a box of Lindor chocolates on my desk and said, “Here's another tacky heart-shaped box of chocolates for you.” Ahh, romance. ;)... (tags: )

16.02.03  Sleeping on the wet spot - Somehow, one (or more than one) of the kids managed to put a couple of holes in the mattress of our waterbed. We used to have patch kit for it but, after an unsuccessful search at 4am, Ice was forced... (tags: )

17.02.03  Injury report - My youngest two were upstairs playing late this afternoon when I heard a loud thump, as if one of them had fallen. I listened but nobody was crying so I figured all was well. They came downstairs shortly after and... (tags: )

18.02.03  My desk has a theme - Ice bought me one of these** on Sunday. It's starting to look like Leafs Central around here. (ha!... ‘starting to’... I slay me) **dead link removed. Ice bought me a miniature Mats Sundin jersey.... (tags: )

20.02.03  Waiting for Monday - Did you know that, for a while, this post was #1 on Google for digital vs regular cable? It's dropped to #3 now but I still think that's kinda cool. Bizarre but cool.... (tags: )

23.02.03  Work, work, work - I've been so caught up in what I've been working on that I actually forgot to post here. Saturday night, I didn't even know it was snowing until there was over an inch of the stuff on the ground. Good... (tags: )

24.02.03  Not a snow day - ...a ‘no heat at the school’ day. J woke me up at 7am, very excited. He said the secretary from the school had called to say there was no heat and the school was closed. He also said she mentioned... (tags: )

25.02.03  argh - If I haven't said so lately, this is still very, very true.... (tags: )

26.02.03  He had the damn flu shot - J is sick. He has a fever and has been coughing, sneezing, and vomiting (not often) for a couple of days now. Probably shouldn't read this next part if you're eating or have a weak stomach. You've been warned.... (tags: )

27.02.03  And it's still growing - As of this moment, we have 300 movies in the database at AFMR. Not bad. Also, J is on the mend. Still not quite himself but improving.... (tags: )