The sound of silence.

On Saturday, I installed the software for my new mouse in Windows and with it came Musicmatch. Is it just me or does that seem odd? Mouse / music software. I don't see the connection. Anyway..... So I figured I'd take the opportunity to convert some of my CDs to MP3s (strictly for my own use!).

When I put the first CD in, it automatically started playing but I couldn't hear anything. So I tried it in the CD-R/RW drive. Same thing, no sound. It's not a Windows issue because I don't get any sound in Linux either.

I figure it's something as simple as a loose or disconnected cable (I haven't looked inside yet) and that it happened either when Ash got his new motherboard in June or when Newt and I were messing around with the drives in September. It's not a big deal and I'll fix it eventually.

But what amazes me is that it took me this long to notice! That's kinda sad, really.

Posted by Ripley on January 06, 2003