Puppy love.

My son is in love with a red-haired girl.

Apparently, he asked her to marry him at Christmas and she said yes. And then today, when she dropped by for a visit with her mother and grandmother, he tried to weasel extra cookies for her.

Red-haired girl to her mother: "May I have two cookies?"
Her mother: "No. We're leaving in a minute."
My son to me: "May I have two... I mean, four cookies?"

Even more telling, when my older girls asked for candy canes, my son took one too. The little red-haired girl's mother said she couldn't have one though.

Me to my son: "If she's not having a candy cane, you shouldn't have one either."
My son: "Ok."

And he put it back. Not a single complaint.

When they were leaving, she ran back to the door, calling his name.

Red-haired girl: "I love you!"
My son: "I love you!"

I swear he almost blushed. It's all very sweet and amusing and charming. Unfortunately, they're related but hey... she's four, he's five, I'm pretty sure it won't last.

Posted by Ripley on January 02, 2003

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