Fonts, part 2.

Yeah, well, we all knew I wouldn't be able to leave it alone, didn't we?

I removed the fontpath and everything is peachy again. OOo said "problem? what problem?" and Opera is back to its usual wonderful self.

So I'm thinking... if I'm reading the documentation right.... I should be able to access those fonts in The Gimp on an "as needed" basis using xset +fp "fontpath" and them remove them when I'm done, using xset -fp "fontpath". According to this article on The Gimp, I can and I haven't found anything (yet) that says Red Hat or xfs would have a problem with it.

If I'm right, that would make me very happy because I don't need (or even want) to have them installed all the time.

Posted by Ripley on January 09, 2003