2002 in review.

In January, Newt, MA & K(2) dropped by for a joint Christmas/birthday celebration. One of the highlights for me was rendering Newt speechless when she opened her present. Ivan moved in and Newt connected all of the computers for us. She and I finally chose a domain name with some help, and signed up for webspace. Version 3.742A of youker was developed.

In February, our domain name was finally registered and the site went live.

In March, Ice and I and a couple of friends went to see the Cherry Dogs at a local bar. We had a great time but one person declared afterwards that she was never drinking mmmMike's again. Although, she also declared she was never going to drink with me again and that was an empty threat.

In April, I finally put my Canadians site online.

In May, Newt, MA & K(2) were here for Newt's birthday and yard sale weekend. The Overtime Edition of youker was created. Baseball started.

In June, Ash got a new motherboard after his original one blew up. We attended lots of baseball games. Ice and I bought a new TV and DVD player. We also renewed our mortgage and the bank was kind enough to nearly give me a heart attack by claiming that we had 6 years left to pay when, in actual fact, we only had 2.5 years left. Newt, MA & K(2) were here for Canada Day weekend and Newt surprised me by showing up on crutches. It was brutally hot here for their entire visit. vXP of youker was created, also known as the Canada Day on a Crutch edition.

In July, we took the kids to see the Canada Day fireworks. Ice and I saw K-19: The Widowmaker, went to a lot of baseball games, and a great party at Roland and Kelly's. I started this blog.

In August, I celebrated three years as an ODP editor and one year as an ODP meta. We went camping, attended two baseball tournaments, and misbehaved at the annual noon-to-noon party. The movie reviews went online.

In September, Ice and I went to the Watershed Festival. I saw The Hip live for the first time, discovered how much fun Great Big Sea is in concert, and realized I'd been missing something really great in The Watchmen. Newt, MA & K(2) came for a visit. We installed Linux, a bigger second hard drive, and a new video card on Ash and created the Linux version of youker. I took J to see a hearing specialist and was very relieved to find out that there's nothing wrong with him.

In October, we celebrated my Dad's 65th birthday. Ron MacLean was dropped from Hockey Night in Canada and then re-signed after a huge public outcry. The story made the front page of newspapers nationwide.

In November, we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary and Ice started staying out of town for work. I don't think there's a connection between those two events.

In December, things were much busier than normal. Newt dropped by for a visit. Alone, this time. She and I talked (and drank) for 18 hours straight on the day she arrived. Ice and I took the girls to see Harry Potter. We also saw The Two Towers and bought a PS2. On New Year's Eve, we played cards with friends and the kids stayed up 'til 3:30am. I think that was the highlight of the entire holiday season for them.

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