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01.01.03  2002 in review - In January, Newt, MA & K(2) dropped by for a joint Christmas/birthday celebration. One of the highlights for me was rendering Newt speechless when she opened her present. Ivan moved in and Newt connected all of the computers for us.... (tags: year in review)

02.01.03  Puppy love - My son is in love with a red-haired girl. Apparently, he asked her to marry him at Christmas and she said yes. And then today, when she dropped by for a visit with her mother and grandmother, he tried to... (tags: )

03.01.03  Where I should be living - Awhile ago, I mentioned a house that I really really wanted. We got talking about it on New Year's Eve and I dug up some more information. Approximate age: 150 years. Exterior: stone, 2 ft. thick. Rooms: 16, including a... (tags: )

04.01.03  Sunday, 7pm est, TSN - Our boys are taking on the Russians for the gold medal at the World Junior Hockey Championships. If you're Canadian, I expect you to be watching and cheering loudly. Otherwise, I'll be around to revoke your citizenship on Monday morning.... (tags: )

05.01.03  I've got the post-holiday blues - Tomorrow, the kids go back to school and Ice goes back to working a full week and things will return to normal around here, more or less. But for the first time ever, I'm not looking forward to it.... (tags: )

06.01.03  The sound of silence - On Saturday, I installed the software for my new mouse in Windows and with it came Musicmatch. Is it just me or does that seem odd? Mouse / music software. I don't see the connection. Anyway..... So I figured I'd... (tags: )

07.01.03  365 days - Otis is offering a funny, bizarre, or otherwise interesting MP3 every day for 2003. I haven't downloaded any yet but the descriptions alone are fun.... (tags: )

08.01.03  Various moments from today - AF was suspended for a short time today due to a billing mixup on our host's end. Newt got it all sorted out though (she did all of the "talking" while I passed her information as needed) and I was... (tags: )

09.01.03  Fonts - I installed a bunch of fonts today and everything seemed to be more or less ok. Opera gave me some problems (which didn't thrill me) but The Gimp was perfectly happy. Then I discovered that OpenOffice.org. won't start. Apparently it... (tags: )

09.01.03  Fonts, part 2 - Yeah, well, we all knew I wouldn't be able to leave it alone, didn't we? I removed the fontpath and everything is peachy again. OOo said "problem? what problem?" and Opera is back to its usual wonderful self. So I'm... (tags: )

10.01.03  Reading material - Paul Martin, the Man Who Would Be King, has a blog. I find that kinda bizarre. Less bizarre and much more interesting: William Gibson also has one.... (tags: )

11.01.03  Search - I added search to AFMR. I'll be adding it here and to the Canadians site soon.... (tags: )

12.01.03  It was a quiet weekend - Stayed up all night both nights, slept pretty much all day Saturday and nearly all day today, played some games, didn't watch any movies, got some things crossed off the to do list, got closer to crossing other things off... (tags: )

13.01.03  Snow days - As a kid, I loved snow days. They were like a gift, even better than Christmas because you had no idea when you were going to get one. My best friend and I had a deal: if it looked like... (tags: )

15.01.03  I hate being sick - It bores me. Although today, K came home from school early and after I'd had more than enough of kid TV shows, I went through the channels looking for something, anything, that we both could watch. We ended up with... (tags: )

17.01.03  The last of the whine - I swear this was the longest week in history. Between snow days and sick kids, I managed to get one whole hour to myself. And I've now gone from feeling lousy and coughing to feeling lousy and sneezing. Which is... (tags: )

18.01.03  Fonts, part 3 - I tried the xset +fp thing that I mentioned previously and it worked like a charm. Next thing on the agenda (font-wise anyway) is to sort all of my fonts by style so I can find what I need faster.... (tags: )

19.01.03  Maybe someday... - ... I'll learn to not look forward to the weekends so much.... (tags: )

20.01.03  Another Monday, another snow day - (I stole that title from one of my own emails. ;) ) Back in October or November, somebody told me we were going to have a mild winter. If I could remember who it was, I'd ask them to check... (tags: )

21.01.03  It's the little things - Earlier today, Environment Canada's weather warnings map looked like the Canadian flag. Yeah, I'm easily amused.... (tags: )

22.01.03  Tick, tock... - I'm having one of those nights where I have a stack of things to do but nothing appeals to me. I sit here and I force myself to work on one thing, then I decide I just can't do it... (tags: )

23.01.03  Snow day #3 - The kids have had plenty of free time during the last two weeks so I put 'em to work this afternoon. They helped more than they complained so at least it wasn't an exercise in frustration for me. I spent... (tags: )

24.01.03  Two things - The kindergarten visit went well. Newt, MA & K(2) are here!... (tags: )

25.01.03  Happy birthday to me - Maybe more details later but, for now, a very quick summary. I received two bouquets of gorgeous flowers. Ice made a steak dinner and a chocolate cake and threw a very cool surprise party for me at Kelly's. It was... (tags: )

26.01.03  But wait... there's more! - Tomorrow night, Ice is taking me to see David Gray at the Air Canada Centre. Today, Newt and MA gave me one more present: a night at the Delta Chelsea. In one of their best rooms, no less. To say... (tags: )

28.01.03  This wasn't on the agenda - I'm really tired and I'd planned on going to bed early tonight but it appears that won't be happening. Got home today to find out that J was up sick all of last night and now L is sick, too.... (tags: )

30.01.03  Things are slowly getting back to normal - L and J are feeling much better. They were yelling at each other this afternoon and I took that as a good sign, considering that yesterday they didn't have enough energy to care if the other did something irritating. I... (tags: )

31.01.03  Reading material, pt.2 - I spent the majority of the day trying to get my scanner to work under Linux and I'm not much closer now than I was when I started. So, since my brain is tired, here's some reading material elsewhere. I... (tags: )