Weekend leftovers.

I finally found a text editor for Linux that uses word wrap properly and doesn't split words over two lines and/or insert a hard return at the end of lines when I save the file. It was very irritating to have to fix that every time so I'm happy.

When the movie started last night, Ice leaned over and said he thought it would be amusing if an announcer said, "Previously on Lord of the Rings....". Maybe you have to watch certain TV shows (like NYPD Blue) to appreciate how funny that is but he had me laughing for quite a while.

The graphics on Crash Bandicoot for the PS2 are amazing. The game itself is harder than earlier versions but maybe that's just because we've played those earlier versions too many times to count.

PS2 games take much longer to load but, on the other hand, original PS games load instantly now.

Crash Team Racing (for the original PS) is fun! Especially when I get to beat up on Ice.

Posted by Ripley on December 29, 2002

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