Tinsel, anyone?.

We decorated the tree tonight and it looked all sparkly and kinda charming in the way that kid-decorated trees do. Had some 'nog, listened to some Christmas tunes, and generally enjoyed ourselves.

After everyone else went to bed, I was sitting here, working away (not very hard) when I heard a jingling sound from that area of the room. I turned around to yell at the cat, just in time to watch the tree come crashing down (the cat wasn't near it). Ran upstairs, woke up Ice ("I need your help! The tree fell over!" "Shit!!!"), ran back downstairs, picked up the tree and held it in a semi-upright position, and surveyed the damage. Lots of tinsel and a bunch of decorations on the floor, and a fairly large puddle of water soaking into the carpet. Half an hour later, everything was more or less back together and the tree found itself tied to the wall. It won't be falling over again. I hope.

So now, the tree looks all sparkly and kinda charming and slightly disheveled. Which is pretty much normal for our house.

Posted by Ripley on December 13, 2002

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