Stay away from the malls.

It's taking me far too long to write this out in detail so here's the condensed version:

  1. Had lunch with Mom and Dad, then they took J home with them (thank you, thank you, thank you).
  2. Drove all the way across the city to the south end for a single item but ended up finding a few other things at that mall. The crowds were insane.
  3. Drove all the way across the city to the north end with lots of time to spare before the movie was due to start. Went into the theatre to get the tickets early, discovered the showing we were aiming for was cancelled, despite what the online listing said and despite what the newspaper ad said.
  4. Searched all over the mall, in a bit of a panic, for a store that sold newspapers because I didn't know what other theatres we could go to. Didn't get any shopping done. The crowds were insane.
  5. Drove all the way across the city to the east end. Found the (well-hidden) theatre, bought tickets.
  6. Had some time to spare so went to the closest mall which only had one store left open. Found a few more things. The crowds were non-existant.
  7. Back to the theatre, watched the movie.
  8. Drove home, put the girls to bed, collapsed in front of the TV.

Surprisingly enough, I had a pretty good time.

Posted by Ripley on December 14, 2002

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