My memory is going.

Some things I forgot from the weekend:

* Ice got his Christmas schedule. He works the 23rd at his usual job, the 24th at the shop for half a day, then off 'til the 30th. He works the 30th at his usual job, then off 'til the 2nd. It's been ages since he's had that much time off at Christmas so I'm really looking forward to it (so is he). I like it when Christmas falls on a Wednesday.

* When we got home Friday night (after The Keg and before Kelly's), there was a message waiting. The bank had called to tell Ice that he'd won $100! Which paid for dinner. Almost.

* Sinking the cue ball in pool is now worth 2 points. I got a lot of points on the weekend. More than usual.

My Mom just called to say they're coming over tonight. My house is a disaster so there go my plans for a leisurely afternoon!

Posted by Ripley on December 09, 2002

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