My day off.

Ice and I each got a bunch of gift certificates for Christmas and he still had some left over from his birthday so, since I had to return a Christmas present anyway, we decided to make a trip into the city. We dropped the kids off with Oma (to stay overnight) and headed out. On the way there, we talked about what we wanted to buy and, by the time we arrived, we'd decided to pool our certificates and buy one thing for both of us.

We returned my present first. I couldn't find anything I wanted (well, lots of things I wanted but nothing in that price range) so I took the cash.

Off to the mall next and, at the third store, we found what we were looking for. After all of the gift certificates and the cash from my returned present, we bought ourselves a PS2 for the bargain price of....


How cool is that?? :)

But wait! That's not all! We had some Chapters gift certificates left over from last Christmas (can you tell we don't go shopping much?) so we went there next. I thought I might check out some computer-related books but we decided to see what they had in the DVD/music department first. And guess what we found? The DVD I had looked all over for before Christmas - the extended version of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. We bought that and got money back.

Pretty good day so far, right? But I'm not done yet.

We went to Jack Astor's for dinner, then back to the mall to kill an hour or so, then we went to see...

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Great movie! You can read my review at AFMR.

It was more than a pretty good day. I had a great time. Although I'm still trying to figure out why there were three police cars parked on the main street when we got home. Very unusual for the GHA.

Posted by Ripley on December 28, 2002

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