Bloody hell.

My day was going reasonably well.

Had to keep J home today. He wasn't happy about it but once the girls left, his mood improved.

Went over to the school after lunch for the dress rehearsal for the school concert, had a mini-confrontation with J's teacher but it didn't particularly bother me, in-laws were there, told mother-in-law that I had decided to go shopping today instead of tomorrow, she hinted that she'd like to come along, I said great. And meant it.

Came home, made several phone calls, received several phone calls, one from my mother-in-law saying she was taking J home with her tonight, got the kids ready, mother-in-law arrived, left to go shopping.

Stopped to get the mail.

Got to the mall, found some things I was looking for, didn't find other things I was looking for, found a few things I wasn't looking for, stopped for dinner, went to the other mall, didn't find the last few items on my list, had a brief stress-related moment, headed home, stopped to pick up father-in-law from a meeting at the church, meeting wasn't over, had to wait.

Opened the mail.

Got a couple of Christmas cards, some bills, no junk, cards were nice, first bill I opened was what I expected, second bill I opened wasn't.

And that's where my reasonably good day ended.

As I've mentioned before, Ice is staying out of town for work. He misses us so he calls every night and talks to each kid for about ten minutes and then to me for another ten or fifteen minutes. He has said on more than one occasion that one of the women at the front desk of his hotel is completely clueless when he's trying to make these phone calls. He said he tells her he will be using his calling card and she never seems to know what to do so the call will go through properly.

He was right.

Some of the calls go through just fine and appear on the bill as they should, presumably when someone else is on the desk. But whenever this woman is working, the call isn't going through Bell and it's not using the calling card. Which means we're being charged the full, non-discounted, primetime rate, instead of the 10¢ per minute we usually pay. Which in turn means our phone bill is... oh... about $300. more than it should be.

I really, really, really didn't need this right now. :(

Posted by Ripley on December 16, 2002

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