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01.12.02  'Tis the season - My schedule for December. (tags: )

02.12.02  Santa! - My house isn't decorated but my website is. (tags: )

03.12.02  Flu season - Why is it that I can stay up 'til dawn any night of the week unless I have to? (tags: )

04.12.02  On disorientation - It was a very odd feeling while it lasted. (tags: )

05.12.02  The Witch - I can't stand my son's teacher. (tags: )

06.12.02  Now that I'm sober enough.... - Parent-teacher interviews, Christmas shopping, and too much booze. (tags: )

07.12.02  Oh my aching head - The Christmas party was ok, even if we did get stuck at the boss's table. (tags: )

08.12.02  An early bday party - The birthday party (such as it was) went fine. (tags: )

09.12.02  My memory is going - Some things I forgot from the weekend. (tags: )

10.12.02  How to accomplish nothing - I'm either getting really old or the Christmas rush is catching up with me. (tags: )

11.12.02  Excuse me while I throw up - People who know me well know where I stand on the abortion issue. (tags: )

12.12.02  Wavs - For about four years, I had a reasonably popular music wavs site and a second non-music wavs site. (tags: )

13.12.02  Missed my chance - I should have put Opera on my Christmas list. (tags: )

13.12.02  Tinsel, anyone? - We decorated the tree tonight and it looked all sparkly and kinda charming in the way that kid-decorated trees do. Had some 'nog, listened to some Christmas tunes, and generally enjoyed ourselves. After everyone else went to bed, I was... (tags: )

14.12.02  Stay away from the malls - Christmas shopping, a movie, and crowds. (tags: )

15.12.02  Site updates - Since I'm feeling not so chatty tonight (for no particular reason), I updated the hockey pool and added Elaine Tanner to the Canadians site.... (tags: )

16.12.02  Bloody hell - My day was going reasonably well. (tags: )

17.12.02  Never make plans - Since there was nothing on TV tonight (regular TV, that is), I was going to get some work done. I have the research finished for a few more Canadians so I was going to write those up. I have some... (tags: )

18.12.02  Tomorrow is Thursday! - Someone forced drinks on me all evening so now my brain isn't functioning properly. (tags: )

19.12.02  Americans can't spell "arctic" - So Newt and I were looking at af42's site and thought we'd check out the For a Fun Time Call... section. I really like the fact that Data Warrior is first on the list. But I'm thinking.... shouldn't the next... (tags: )

20.12.02  I need sleep - Tonight, Ice taught Newt and I how to play a dice game called "10,000". Newt won one game, Ice won two, and I won three, including the very first game where I got 10,000 points in one roll. Go me.... (tags: )

21.12.02  Switch to Canada - John's switch to Canada. (tags: )

22.12.02  One down, one to go - Ice's family Christmas was today. (tags: )

23.12.02  It's going to be a long xmas break - My three were in a mood today. Didn't want to do anything, couldn't seem to get along, whiny, grumpy, nothing was "fair", complaining about every single thing I said. By mid-afternoon, I was in a foul mood myself and I... (tags: )

24.12.02  And dance by the light of the moon - That song is going round and round in my head. I love our DVD player. :) Just a quick post before I head off to bed. I'm hitting the paranoid, "what if somebody comes downstairs to pee and I'm still... (tags: )

25.12.02  And to all a good-night - This morning, while I was playing with my spiffy new optical wheel mouse, my son came over to my desk and reminded me that I was supposed to take today off. So I did. I'll catch up on comments, emails,... (tags: )

26.12.02  The year of the DVD - Today was movie day at our house. (tags: )

27.12.02  Excuse me while I celebrate - After much frustration, I finally split up the list of movies at AFMR. (tags: )

28.12.02  My day off - Ice and I each got a bunch of gift certificates for Christmas and he still had some left over from his birthday so, since I had to return a Christmas present anyway, we decided to make a trip into the... (tags: )

29.12.02  Weekend leftovers - I finally found a text editor for Linux that uses word wrap properly and doesn't split words over two lines and/or insert a hard return at the end of lines when I save the file. It was very irritating to... (tags: )

30.12.02  Make up your own title for this post - Well, I've wasted another night trying to figure out how to add the review counts to the new archive pages at AFMR. I'm going to leave it alone for now, before I get really frustrated. I'm not fun to be... (tags: )

31.12.02  Another year (almost) over - When I started this thing back in July, I promised myself that, at some point, I would make a post every single day for a month. I finally did it. Tonight, we're having friends over to play cards and be... (tags: )