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hmm... why does the Red Hat documentation say that, if I'm using KDE, I have to mount the CD-ROM drive before I can access the files but when I put the CD-R in, it automatically pops up Konqueror with all the files available?

And, in a related vein, why does the Red Hat documentation say that, if I want to see where my fonts are, I should type chkfontpath --list when what I actually have to type is /usr/sbin/chkfontpath --list?

It's frustrating at times. Fun, interesting, challenging, but still frustrating.


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I asked the kids what they wanted for dinner tonight and L said, "Can I make it??" Like I would ever turn down a chance to not cook. So she made open-faced ham sandwiches with melted cheese. What the kids call "the good sandwiches". When she brought mine to me, I saw that she had written "The Cat"* on it in mustard. She thought that was very amusing. :)

*Not "the cat" as in Jessie, the gray furball; "The Cat" as in Felix.

Speaking of hockey players, I should update the pool. Not that it matters really. Ice is going to win by a mile. Do you suppose he'd notice if I replaced Mario with somebody who sucks? Or should I just try to keep a Pro-line "because anything can happen" attitude?

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After ER was over tonight, I flipped over to TVO and caught a segment on Alfred Hitchcock, featuring interviews Elwy Yost had done with various actors and production people. It was interesting to hear the difference between what men thought of him compared to what women thought of him. All of them considered him a great director; it was their comments about how he treated them as people that seemed to vary greatly. The men all had funny stories to tell; the women... didn't.

Jimmy Stewart's story was the best. He said that he was invited to a dinner party at Hitchcock's house one night and when he got there, everything was blue. The table was blue, the plates were blue, the mashed potatoes were blue, the serving staff were blue (faces and everything). He said he never did find out why.

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"How does it feel
To go to parties twice a week?
To be gorgeous and un-unique?
To make everyone's knees go weak?

What a funny life you've got
To be the fish everyone wants caught
Even me by human default

How does it feel to be so f*cking beautiful?"

And on that note, I'm off to do something productive. Yeah, right.

Posted by Ripley on November 07, 2002

And then you said

Perhaps you have auto-mount enabled? Check your fstab.

Use the PATH, Luke!
Seriously tho, check your PATH statement. If that absolute path name isn't there, then that's why you have type it. You can always just add it :)

Have you been here?

Posted by Newt on November 8, 2002 9:40 AM

From what I've read, it's autorun and it's simple enough to get rid of it. Just delete "Autorun.desktop" from the ~/.kde/Autostart directory.

What frustrates me is that there's no mention of it in the RH docs. They say "If you use KDE, you will need to mount your CD-ROM manually at a shell prompt before you can explore it through the Konqueror file manager or read files from it." I know RH prefers Gnome but would it kill them to mention autorun for KDE?

Same thing with the fonts. Why can't they say "if *this* doesn't work, try *that*"?

I'd just like to not have to spend so much time trying to figure out what the problem is when things don't work the way the *official* docs say they should.

That's all. :)

Posted by Ripley on November 8, 2002 11:44 AM

Ok, you're right:
it's a RH conspiracy :P

Posted by Newt on November 8, 2002 2:32 PM

Ohhhh I know what you want you want one of those nasty m$ OS like xp no challenge, no fun, no brains needed.... admit it you love the fun of linux. I envy you.

Posted by af on November 8, 2002 2:58 PM

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